We are available for public and private performances, please email Kitai-sensei ( for further discussion.

Upcoming events!
Live performance
KotoKottoN will join Japanese Cultural Night as follows,
Date and Time: 3rd February 2018, Saturday around 8.00pm after intermission
Venue: Auditorium 2, U-town, 2 College Avenue West, Singapore 138607

Australian Tour
Satsuki sensei is inviting KotoKottoN members to concert and workshops.
25th-27th May in Sydney

Kawamura Kizan Shakuhachi Concert
KotoKottoN is invited to perform one piece with Shakuhachi
2nd Sep 2018, Sunday 2pm @ The Japanese Association, Singapore

Odamura Satsuki Koto Ensemble + Sandy Evans Tour
19th-21st September 2018, workshops and concert @ Centre for the Arts, NUS
24th–27th September 2018, workshops and concert @ University of Philippines

Portfolio (pictures and videos available at Gallery page)

The following are various events that the ensemble has participated in:

21 Feb 2017 International Students’ Night (NUSSU IRC)
30 Jan 2017 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
10 Jan 2017 Ishikawa Prefecture Special Opening Dinner (The Tanglin Club)
3 Dec 2016 CLaSIC 2016 (NUS Centre for Language Studies)
29-30 Oct 2016 SJ50: 50 years of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Ties (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
16 May 2016 Super Japan (Esplanade Concourse)
30 Jan 2016 FASS Open Day (NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
30 Jan 2016 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
10, 17, 24 Jan 2016 The Churchill Room Buffet Lunch (The Tanglin Club)
15 Dec 2015 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2015 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
21 Nov 2015 Business Japanese Seminar in Singapore (Business Japanese Group)
15 Oct 2015 Meiden 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner (Meiden Singapore)
2 Oct 2015 An Evening with Hidden Legacy: Japanese Traditional Performing Arts in the World War II Internment Camps (NUS Japanese Studies Department and Japanese Studies Alumni Association)
1-2 Sep 2015 Crossing Borders (Esplanade Concourse)
20 Mar 2015 Tokio Marine FA Awards Ceremony (Tokio Marine)
8 Feb 2015 International Students’ Night (NUSSU IRC)
23 Jan 2015 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
11 Dec 2014 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2014 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
4 Dec 2014 CLaSIC 2014 (NUS Centre for Language Studies)
1-2 Sep 2014 Crossing Borders (Esplanade Concourse)
6 Apr 2014 Exquisitely Japanese (The Tanglin Club)
29 Mar 2014 World Gourmet Summit 2014 (Hashi Japanese Restaurant, WGS, Citibank)
14 Feb 2014 Infusion 2014 (NUSSU IRC)
24 Jan 2014 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
10 Dec 2013 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2013 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
14 Sep 2013 Mid-autumn Festival (West Coat GRC/People’s Association)
03 Aug 2013 Sawai International Koto School in Sydney 25th Anniversary Concert (Sawai International Koto School in Sydney)
29 Jun 2013 Japan Culture (Lot One)
18 May 2013  FASS Open House (National University of Singapore)
13 Apr 2013  PAssion Arts Village (East Coast GRC/People’s Association)
13 Apr 2013  Lions Home for the Elders
01 Feb 2013  Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
11 Dec 2012  Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2012 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
08 Dec 2012  CLaSIC 2012 (NUS Centre of Language Studies)
28 Sep 2012  Japan Night (The Pines Singapore)
14 Aug 2012  Mobile Chef with Gaggenau Mobile Kitchens (Ryan Clift Productions/Food Network)
14 July 2012  Japan Food Fair (Liang Court, Asia Malls Singapore)
09 Jun 2012  Summer Party 2012 (German European School Singapore)
21 May 2012  International Arts Education Week (National Institute of Education,   Singapore)
24 Apr 2012  Panaplast Debut Launch (Panaplast Pte Ltd)
13 Apr 2012  Mazda CX-5 Official Launch (Trans Eurokars Pte Ltd)
11 Mar 2012  Bantou 2011 (Singapore Management University)
10 Feb 2012  Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
07 Dec 2011 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2011 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
19 Nov 2011 Ingaiku (Fairmount Singapore)
25 Aug 2011 We Love Japan – Japan Trump (Mariposa)
11 Feb 2011 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)
08 Dec 2010 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2010 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
03 Dec 2010 CLaSsic 2010 (NUS Centre of Language Studies)
10-11 Jul 2010 Japan Week (NTUC)
22 May 2010 FASS Open House (NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science)
08 Mar 2010 Gala Dinner (Young President’s Organisation)
08 Dec 2009 Emperor’s Birthday Reception 2009 (Embassy of Japan, Singapore)
14 Nov 2009 Japanese Language Teachers’ Association Singapore Year End Party
16 Oct 2009 Japanese Cultural Night (NUS Japanese Studies Society)

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